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There is always that one moment in life that decides who you want to be.

I want to be someone who helps others to achieve their goals and visions, that has always been the case, I really enjoy being a supporter. This intrinsic drive is simply perfect for working as an "online service provider with a passion".


I take myself out  to only offer the services that I really enjoy and that I can do very well. Because I think it's only fair that you invest your money in someone who really gets into it. For example, do you prefer to eat with someone who cooks with love, or do you prefer to eat with someone who cooks lovelessly and only for the money?  


In my opinion, self-employment only works in the long term if you also love what you do.  And that's the case with me.


It's particularly easy for me  Content Creating.  Regardless of whether you are writing a website, a newsletter or a blog article  or Instagram - I'll create a text that suits you and your business. The keywords come from you, the content from me.

I also love other creative work, such as creating websites on the WIX platform (see also or or this page here) and  also creating graphics for Instagram, blog articles, online courses, presentations and creating  Logos  (as a PNG file).

My other personal passions are sports, nutrition, holistic health, personal development  and podcasting and YouTuben. I totally like that  Doing podcast audio editing and video editing for YouTube , which I currently do as a hobby - I am also very happy to do that for you  take.

Of course, I could do a lot more for you, as I have decades of experience in the offline world as a project assistant and management assistant. However, I do not offer this "special service" at a flat rate. Here we can talk personally about whether I am good at the tasks on the one hand and whether I would like to do them on the other. So when it comes to "Specials", let's just talk to us via Zoom Call. You can book an appointment here.




"Our happiness of tomorrow is the result of our thoughts and actions of today."

- Dorothea Stasch, my virtual assistance

“Writing is easy, you just have to use the wrong words  omitting."  

-  Mark Twain

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